Author Salman Rushdie stabbed onstage at a Literary Event in New York

NEW YORK: The British Author Salman Rushdie was stabbed by a man onstage during a literary event on Friday. The incident was an attributed result to his sacrilegious writings that have made him the target of death threats.

Author Salman Rushdie stabbed onstage at a Literary Event in New York

Salman Rushdie underwent immediate surgery after an assailant stabbed him in the neck at the literary event.

The incident narrates that a male suspect rushed toward the stage and attacked Rushdie, he fell to the floor and the man attacked him.

The author suffered “an apparent stab wound to the neck,” according to the interviewer. The situation became completely chaotic as a small group of people surrounded Salman Rushdie and held up his legs, seemingly sending blood to his upper blood in order to save his life.

Salman was taken by helicopter to a local hospital, said the police. However, the police gave no details of the suspect’s identity or any motive.

Social media footage showed people rushing to Rushdie’s aid and administrating emergency medical care.

one witness said on social media. “A most horrible event just happened (and) the amphitheater is evacuated,”

History of Salman Rushdie’s writing controversies

Salman Rushdie is one of those authors who express their norms and beliefs openly in the name of ‘Freedom of Speech, and this surely earned him several death threats and even a fatwa from the Iranian government. Over the years, Rushdie’s work has made headlines around the world – resulting in controversy.

His fourth novel, The Satanic Verses, was banned from Iran in 1988, because of blasphemy. Even Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa for Salman’s execution. According to New York Times, Rushdie spent a decade under police protection.

In addition to his work, Rushdie has also made headlines over the years for his personal life, including his marriage to Lakshmi from 2004 to 2007. Prior to his relationship with the Top Chef host, Rushdie had been married three times. -Source

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