Arij Fatima pens down a lengthy note, share thoughts amid COVID-19

An American-Pakistani acclaimed actress, Arij Fatima, who has given the best performances in various Urdu drama serials, has taken the support of social media to share her thoughts over coronavirus outbreak.

The ‘Pagal Si Larki’ actress has come across to penned down her thoughts in the form of a lengthy note and shared it on her Instagram page.

Arij Fatima pens down a lengthy note, shares thoughts amid COVID-19
Arij Fatima pens down a lengthy note, share thoughts amid COVID-19


The actress, Arij Fatima took to her Instagram, posted her photo and penned down the intricate note wherein she disclosed her thoughts over the deadly virus that has killed thousands of people across the globe.

The actress called it the most stressful time as every human being is battling against the coronavirus outbreak and many have lost their lives due to this pandemic.

In her note, she explained her feelings that what she feels about the virus. She never heard about such kind of infectious disease and never feels worried about anyone ever before.

She never could have imagined that every place of worship, malls and even the entire world has closed down due to the ongoing pandemic.

Moreover, she urges people to stay at home for not just yourself but for others as well. This is the only way to fight against the virus.

Check out her complete note!

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This has to be the most stressful time of my life. I have never seen such a pandemic in my life honestly. We heard of Ebola, influenza and others but never lived through it. I've never seen- in my life- all of the positive energy worshipping places close down. The mosques, synagogues, churches and temples. Never could have imagined Kaaba closing down. I've never been worried so much for my family and the elders in my family. You cant even see this virus or know you have it for 14 days and you can infect so many people meanwhile. Everyone is just scrambling. The richest of the countries cant help fix this problem. Why cant people just stay at home? What's the thinking behind, "Oh, not gonna happen to me". Why NOT? Why cant it happen to you? Mosques are closed but people still chose to pray outside of the mosques. Going against Sunnah and honestly creating more problems for everyone else. This is just ridiculous. People who cant stock up on stuff crying at stores cause they live paycheck to paycheck. Why cant we just be considerate for once? #thoughts Rant is over and now iA I plan to do just normal routine things to distract myself.

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