Anupam Kher says ‘everything has become unimportant’

Bollywood’s veteran actor, Anupam Kher, who has been active on his social media accounts, has shared his thoughts over coronavirus pandemic. The actor often shares videos of himself wherein he shared his views over various issues.

Recently, the actor took to his Instagram and shared his video wherein he can be seen sharing his point of view and the lessons he learned amid coronavirus spread.

Anupam Kher says 'everything has become unimportant'
Anupam Kher says ‘everything has become unimportant’

In the video, Anupam Kher said, ‘Everything has become unimportant’. We always consider ourselves as God just because of the fame and popularity we have earned, but the truth is, we all are zero.

He also said that we always make plans to do something in life, but these days, everything has become meaningless and we are not making plans.

Some people give worth to their stuff, clothes, luxuries, cars money, but this time we all are in the same boat and these things have lost their worth.

The actor further said that he doesn’t want to demoralize the people but the real purpose of sharing his views is to highlight the lessons we have learned in the time of testing.

He also urged people to remain the same when all the crisis ends, because the truth is we all are zero and helpless in these days.

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