Anthony Johnson Died at 55 age (AKA, AJ Johson Friday Star)

Anthony Johnson (AJ Johnson, Friday star dies at 55 age), he is best known for  playing roles in movies like “House Party” and “Friday”.  The news came 22 September, 2021, Monday which has took the social on fire and everybody is talking about AJ Johnson. How awesome comedian was he, and now the nation has just lost a comedian.

As per, Johnson’s nephew tells TMZ magazine, A.J. was found lifeless in a store earlier this month in Los Angeles, AJ’s cause of death is known, so far.

AJ Johnson started his career when is first played role in 1990 as E.Z.E. in “House Party” and used to do stand-up all over L.A.

After some fame, he started to appear in movies like Lethal Weapon 3,  Menace II Society before his breakout role playing Ezal in the 1995 comedy i.e., Friday which led him big fame (he started to be known as FRIDAY Actor).

JustJared Magazine has tweeted about the AJ’s death on Twitter: 

Similarly, other big magazines has covered the new on Twitter and websites about AJ Johnson. Such a big lose of the nation, RIP AJ.

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