Anoushey Ashraf stands in support of Afghanistan

Anoushey Ashraf stands in support of Afghanistan

Anoushey Ashraf is a Pakistani VJ and actress. She has appeared in many popular dramas. Anoushey expressed er concerns regarding the ongoing situation of Afghanistan.

Recently, Anoushey Ashraf took to her social media handle and wrote a lengthy note along with her pictures from her last trip to Afghanistan.

The 38 years old starlet wrote, “On this trip, I met girls who wanted to cycle for the Olympics, boys who only wanted to be the next Messi. I met Imams at Masjids who greeted me with love, respect and dua’s.”

Anoushey continued, “I met fantastic tv hosts who were living under tense conditions but were also excited about the new game shows they were launching. I met writers, poets, and restauranteurs. I met children of the Hazara, beautiful even with their Traumas,” she recalled her trip.”

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“They were exactly like you and me. And today, they’re helpless, homeless and abandoned.” She added. “This doesn’t make the Govt ( corrupt Ghani) or the Americans my heroes. But are the Taliban any better? So STOP your hate. In this moment, whoever leads the nation it’s still in crisis and peoples lives have been disrupted all over again. not fair!”

“No one wants to leave their homes and live as a refugee. Look at the second last picture in this series,” Ashraf asked, referring to a collage of portraits. “I photographed each of them. They’re humans with dreams. Please ask yourself why you grew up to be so bitter, that instead of giving people the room to breathe, you abuse them, give them titles like ‘yeh liberals’. Please be kinder. Be a true Muslim on the inside and you’ll never harbour hate for anyone in this world,” she wrote.

“Sure, the people in power say they want peace, but to many peace only comes on their terms,” the actor explained. “Peace means girls not working and men not playing sports. Surrender means peace. Not a single life and their true dreams come into consideration. If you think this is ‘good’ let me remind you it’s the innocent losing their right to be free for these leaders (Taliban or not) to feed their agenda, politics, power and greed. NOTHING ELSE,” she wrote.

“The Taliban says they’re ready to evolve and give women and children their rights. Let’s not hail them heroes yet. They’ve said they have learned from the past. Only time will tell. Reaching out to all my Afghan friends tonight, you are in my prayers. Humanity first,” she concluded.

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