Angelina Jolie to sell her shares and Brad Pitt’s french Property

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been making headlines after a legal dispute over $164 million French estate Chateau Miraval has been sorted out. According to various media outlet reports, Angelina Jolie has won legal rights to sell her own shares and Brad Pitt’s French property.

Angelina Jolie to sell her shares and Brad Pitt's french Property

Brad Pitt’s French property has an estimated value of $164 million.

Earlier, the most celebrated actress faced property-related problems as she was planning to sell her shares in Quimicum, the company that owns and manages Chateau Miraval because of the couple’s divorce.

In July 2021, Bad Pitt’s ex-wife, Angelina Jolie asked a California court to allow the sale. At that time, their divorce proceedings were still in the final step.

But Brad Pitt’s company named Mondo Bongo has also filed a suit against Angelina Jolie’s company named Nouvel. The case was in the court in order to retain a majority share of it.

In 2008, the couple first purchased their shares in Quimicum. While their companies partnership/ownership was 60-40 percent, with Mondo Bongo holding the huge part of shares.

In 2013, the ownership divided into 50-50 percent when Mondo Bongo transferred some shares to Jolie’s company Nouvel.

The couple shocked the world by filing for divorce since five years. They have been involved in a children’s custody case. They have five children, named Maddox (20 years old), Pax, (17 years old), Shiloh (15 years old), and twins Vivienne and Knox are 13 years old.

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