Angelina Jolie to release children’s News Show

A famed Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has come up with the new task to launch a new program. The program aims to focus on Children, to inform them about the ongoing issues in the world. The program covers all the issues with facts and figures, assist them to develop their own opinions about the international issues. Angelina Jolie to release children’s News Show for the purpose of raising awareness among them.

The actress has taken this initiative in collaboration with Microsoft Education to launch BBC My World- which is an educational program for children that helps to aware them of global issues.

Angelina Jolie to release children's News Show

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Angelina Jolie collaborated with Microsoft and BBC World Service to release a children’s News Show

Angelina Jolie earlier said, ” As a parent, she is happy that she is able to support a program that focuses on raising children’s awareness, to learn about the lives of people, circumstances, and makes them able to build connections with each other.

However, the ‘Maleficent’ actress has good hopes for this new venture with Microsoft and BBC World Service, she hopes that it will definitely help children to research about the global issues. The BBC World Service’s network includes thousands of journalists and multilingual services around the world.

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