Ali Azmat strikes at PSL management for cutting his performance short

Ali Azmat strikes out at PSL management for cutting his performance short. On the Pakistan Super League edition 5, the 2020 opening ceremony which was held at National Stadium in Karachi, singers Azmat Ali and Haroon Rashid were performing on the stage and their performance also featured Asim Azhar and veteran folk singer Arif Lohar have been cut short from the performance. It was the PSL-5 anthem ‘Tayaar Hain’ performance. After the incident of cutting the performance short, singer Ali Azmat got angry about that.

All the audience was noticed and recorded the video that on the backstage the two singers were harshed on Ali Azmat for the uncertainty. Just after that, Ali Azmat harshly criticized the management in a TV interview promptly.

Ali Azmat strikes at PSL management for cutting his performance short

The singer said that if a performance is being cut short at the last moment without informing, it’s the prior duty of the management to inform the artists earlier on time so that all the performers can be prepared for this.  However, a lot of performers got inflamed over the mismanagement of PSL which was happened in the PSL opening ceremony. Asim Azhar and Arif Lohar’s part was completely excluded which is not fair. (read a complete statement) Source

Ali Azmat further revealed that the management should inform us that s short version would be played in the opening ceremony so that all performers would be prepared for that. In fact, the anthem was about three and a half minutes long, while the management played only 60 seconds of the song and the performers were standing with no idea what was happening. This was an unethical act and the Pakistan Super League management was responsible for that.

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