Ahmed Ali Butt taunts Aamir Liaquat upon sharing ‘intimate videos’ on social media

Looks like Ahmed Ali Butt has had enough of Amir Liaquat’s ‘intimate videos’ with his third wife on social media.

The Parey Hut Love star took to his Instagram story and without naming he pointed out a straightforward response. Butt taunts the television hypocrisy of Aamir Liaquat for making his personal videos circulate online.

Ahmed Ali Butt wrote, “When you post something from the privacy of your bedroom, just remember you invited the whole world in. So don’t complain after, if they don’t leave.”

Ahmed Ali Butt taunts Aamir Liaquat upon sharing 'intimate videos' on social media

Aamir Liaquat is in the spotlight after his third marriage with an 18 years old girl, Syeda Dania Shah. The host took to his Instagram on Wednesday and announced the news, he wrote, “‏Last night tie a knot with, Syeda Dania Shah, 18, she is belong to an honourable Najeeb ut Tarfain “Sadaat” Family of Lodhran, South Punjab, saraiki lovely, charming, simple and darling. I would like to request all of my well wishers, please pray for us, I have just passed the dark tunnel, it was a wrong turn.”


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