Ahmed Ali Butt questions over Netflix show ‘Squid Game’

Pakistani actor, Ahmed Ali Butt questioned over Netflix’s latest popular show ‘Squid Game’- which has become the talk of the town since its release. There is no doubt that the show is getting popular worldwide, but still, there are many who are not happy with its characters and their representation in the show. Ahmed Ali Butt is one of them.

Ahmed Ali Butt questions over Netflix show 'Squid Game'
Ahmed Ali Butt questions over Netflix show ‘Squid Game’

The South Korean Netflix series shows 456 people from different walks of life who are invited to play a series of deadly children games with life-threatening consequences having a chance to win a big cash prize.

Among players, Ali Abdul, a character played by Indian actor Anupam Tripathi. Tripathi can be seen showing a struggling Pakistani laborer who came to South Korea to make money but due to the misconduct of his employer, he joins the game for the survival of his family.

Tripathi is ruling the hearts for his great portrayal of Ali Abdul, Ahmed Ali Butt has turned down the idea of Pakistani characters’ depiction in such kinds of shows.

The actor took to his Instagram stories and shared his opinions over international producers for avoiding Pakistani actors for such roles. In his Instagram stories, he wrote, … read at [1]The News

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1 The News

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