After Amir Liaquat’s third marriage with Syeda Dania Shah Twitter flooded with hilarious memes

Ever since Amir Liaquat’s third marriage with Syeda Dania Shah, netizens flooded Twitter with hilarious memes. The Pakistani comedian, host, and politician Amir Liaquat tied the knot for the third time with an 18 years-old Siraiki girl, name Syeda Dania Shah.

The duo is making big headlines and trending hashtags on Twitter in Pakistan for the past two days. Probably because of the huge 31 years old age gap between the newlyweds. Amir Liaquat, 49 years old married Syeda Dania Shah, an 18-years old girl.

Here are some of the hilarious memes trending on Twitter.

Just a day before Liaquat Hussain’s tweet, his second wife, Syeda Tuba Anwar, had reported the divorce in an Instagram post. She wrote: β€œIt is with a heavy heart that I want to let people know about the change in my life. My family and close friends know that after 14 months apart, it was clear there was no hope of reconciliation and I had to choose the option of open the court.

Tuba Anwar wrote in this post: β€œI can’t say how difficult it was, but I worship Allah. I ask everyone to respect my decision in this difficult time.”

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