Afghanistan Kidnaps US Security Contractor

A US security contractual worker has been grabbed in eastern Afghanistan, an authority affirmed Thursday, the most recent example of an outsider being taken in the war-torn nation where snatchings are normal.

An Afghan security official with information on the occurrence revealed to AFP the previous US Navy part had been working in Afghanistan as a temporary worker when he was kidnapped a week ago in the eastern Khost region.

Afghanistan Kidnaps US Security Contractor

There was no sign whether an aggressor gathering or a criminal association was behind the seizing, while the Taliban revealed to AFP they had “no data” about the issue.

The episode comes after the Taliban in November gave two Western prisoners over to US powers in southern Afghanistan, three years after they were stolen, in a swap for three high-positioning extremist detainees.

The US State Department said it knew about reports of the grabbing, yet declined to remark further.

The trading of American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks for the activists – including Anas Haqqani, sibling to the Taliban’s representative head – was generally accepted to be instrumental in launching slowed down talks between the different sides.

The Taliban later depicted the trade as “a stage forward in positive attitude and certainty building estimates that can help the harmony procedure”.

The abducting of Afghans and outsiders for emancipating is basic across Afghanistan where swathes of the nation are plagued with aggressor gatherings or groups of hoodlums.

However, kidnapping has become a prevalent issue in Afghanistan and the kidnapping ratio is increasing day by day. The truth is, no appropriate statistic is available as no such incidents are recorded properly. That is to say that kidnapping becomes big business in Afghanistan.

Therefore, there’s a dire need to mitigate the issue on a serious note as a large number of innocent people have lost their lives just because of the rise of the crime.

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