Adrienne Warren wins Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in Musical

Adrienne Warren is making headlines after winning the Tony Award for the category of Best Leading Actress in the musical on 26th September 2021. Tina Turner Broadway Musical… This is Warren’s first Tony Award. In the musical, she appeared as a lead and portrayed the role of Tina. Her performance was undeniable and loved by everyone.


She made her identity as Tina ‘West End Theatre in London’ in 2019. It’s a Broadway debut and luckily, she won the Tony Award for the Broadway season show. She defeated her fellow star from Karen Olivio Moulin Rouge! Musical.


Adrienne Warren

While delivering an award-winning speech, Adrienne Warren thanked her family and the entire team of the Musical. Also, she thanked the music sensation, Tina Turner. Inside her speech, she appreciated the efforts of the crew and cast members. Read more

In 2016, Warren became one of the most popular members of Broadway Advocacy Coalition’. It’s a mission written on the website ‘Build the ability of individuals’, organizations, and communities to break systems that extend racism through the power of storytelling method and the leadership of those who are affected.

Tina Turner Musical is scheduled on 8th October 2021, but due to other commitments, Adrienne Warren will leave the show after 31st October 2021, reported by New York Times. Among other stars including ‘Nkeki Obi- Melekwe, Matinee Broadway Performance will take over from November.

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