A TikTok star – Jennifer goes viral for her hair loss journey

A TikTok star named Jennifer who belongs from Tulsa, Oklahoma has gone viral for her hair loss journey. She took the support of the most popular platform TikTok and shared her hair loss journey publicly to break stereotypes.

A TikTok star

Jennifer’s aim was to draw attention to hair loss and androgenic alopecia by sharing it freely on TikTok as it is considered taboo.

Her video goes viral and doing rounds on social media wherein she clearly illustrates how she puts on a wig. The video got 9 million views.

She, however, doesn’t shy away to share her flaws in front of her followers. Numerous people felt relatable as they connect her situation in response.

The woman was aiming to break stereotypes and bravely shared her hair loss journey publicly. In the series of videos, she explained her hair problems like androgenic alopecia which means her hair is genetically thin and falls out more than the average woman of her age.

Check out her series of videos in which she publicly explained everything about her hair loss journey!




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